Dive into a face oil!

Dive into a face oil!

       Adding a face oil to your skincare routine can be intimidating, especially after years of "The Powers That Be" telling us oil is bad.  Oil is amazing!  Ancient Egyptians were even known to have used oils in their skincare to help fight sun & sand damage with Cleopatra herself being a big proponent.  Face oils can act as emollients for the skin, leaving it softer & smoother.  They also have a high content of fatty acids which help to repair the skin's lipid barrier, in turn helping to retain moisture.  Facial oils can actually help regulate your skin's natural production of oil, making it a great option for all skin types.  This could be the boost your skin needs while living in our extremely arid, cold climate, as it can be incredibly drying.  Here are some options we love!

Healing Facial Oil:

This face oil uses a base of grapeseed oil that is an amazing choice for sensitive or acne-prone skin as it is non-comedogenic. Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, which is excellent for locking moisture into the skin. This vitamin plays an essential role in softening and hydrating the skin’s outer layer. Meanwhile, its superstar fatty acid components fortify the skin barrier while smoothing and balancing the skin.  Turmeric oil helps to soothe skin irritations and brighten appearance. With the added power of Blue Tansy Oil, known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, & anti-fungal properties, this oil is perfect for healing and hydrating skin. 

 Looking Sharp Facial Oil:

Looking Sharp delivers the benefits of 9 nutritive oils, including Prickly Pear Oil, packed with antioxidants and with more vitamin E than any other oil (150% more than Argan Oil) for newborn-soft skin. Helps prevent wrinkles, brighten dark spots and tighten pores; also helps restore elasticity. Watermelon Oil, shown to significantly reduce water retention, helps to say goodbye to puffiness and under-eye baggage! Evening Primrose Oil features gamma-linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that promotes skin elasticity and firmness, stimulates skin cell turnover and seals in moisture. Moringa oil, rich in antioxidants, helps to stop free radicals in their tracks and reverse damage done by past intruders making this a valuable ally against signs of aging.  This unique facial oil also provides vitamin K, proven to brighten dark spots and under-eye circles while keeping acne at bay. Delicately scented with pure essential oils, Looking Sharp is absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy residue.

*Good Stuff Botanicals also carries an amazing line of revolving face oils, check here to see what's in season!

Looking Sharp Face Oil

Jojoba Oil:

An amazing option for ultra sensitive skin, this organic, non-comedogenic oil is extremely close to our skin's sebum, making it your best friend for baby soft skin.  It has a high content of vitamin E, helping to keep skin hydrated & improve elasticity.  With its light weight, jojoba oil penetrates deeply, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow.  A great option for psoriasis & eczema prone skin.

Jojoba Oil

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