Vitamin C for Sun-kissed Summer Skin!

Vitamin C for Sun-kissed Summer Skin!
  • Vitamin C is your new bestie for glowing summer skin! Lotions, serums, and toners infused with this power-packed vitamin help prevent sun damage when used under your sunscreen, and are especially effective when paired with Vitamin E.
  • Post-sun, Vitamin C products work on a deep cellular level within your epidermis to help fight and neutralize the formation of those pesky free radicals in skin which lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Are you seeing age spots, or hyper-pigmentation in your skin? Vitamin C helps to reduce these, while evening your skin tone and brightening its appearance for an all-over healthy glow.
  • The heaps of antioxidants in Vitamin C help reduce inflammation so your skin can repair itself from sun damage and signs of aging. This vitamin also protects your skin from water loss and helps keep you looking and feeling radiant, while natural collagen boosters keep your skin firm, plumped, youthful, and most importantly-- healthy!
Vitamin C Repair and brightening Replenishing Cream by Sage and Cedar.
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