Improve your complexion with Retinol!

Improve your complexion with Retinol!

March is finally here and that means Daylight Savings, which means more sun! Sure, that makes us happy-- but it also makes our skin that much more stressed, especially after the cold and dryness of Winter. Each day, exposure to the sun's UV rays depletes our existing collagen; our skin loses moisture, becomes thinner, and wrinkles become more pronounced. As we lean in to springtime and aging gracefully, it is important for us to step up and help keep our skin strong and healthy! 

Enter: Vitamin A-- or more specifically, Retinol.

While we do get a lot of natural Vitamin A from eating our leafy greens and orange vegetables, a topical application of Retinol can show amazing results when looking for happier, healthier skin. Our Retinol Power Serum is here to help! Here are some proven benefits: 

Firms skin and minimizes wrinkles: Retinol works deep in our dermis to keep skin supple, improving cell turnover and encouraging blood flow to bring nutrients and oxygen to skin while improving hydration. It also stimulates collagen production, keeping our skin thicker and more elastic!

Evens skin tone, fading sun/age spots (hyperpigmentation): Retinol helps to even skin tone by discouraging melanin-producing enzymes, in addition to improving cellular turnover, making it an effective natural exfoliant. It also helps neutralize free radicals in the middle layers of our skin!

Acne-fighting: Retinol is an anti-inflammatory and helps to normalize sebum production and inhibit clogged pores, making it a powerful tool for acne-prone skin.

Combined with green tea extract to help nourish & soothe, this amazing serum also contains anti-inflammatory & hydrating horsetail extracts to boost collagen production, as well as Propolis for added antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Powerhouse antioxidant Gotu Kola also makes an appearance for added skin barrier protection.

If serums simply aren't your thing, or you are a little sensitive to Retinol you can also try our firming Vitamin A Face Cream, which contains Shea Butter for added moisture. Or try layering both for more pronounced results! Since some people's skin can be sensitive to Retinol, we recommend starting small--once or twice a week--and working your way up to a nightly routine. You will be on your way to visibly firmer and more youthful, glowing skin!

*A few caveats about Retinol: if you have very sensitive skin we recommend that you proceed with care; start small, and if redness or intense dryness occurs try layering it over your existing moisturizer. People with rosacea or eczema should steer clear, as well as anyone who is pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Retinol does also increase photosensitivity, so extra sunscreen is always recommended when you add this to your skincare routine.

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