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Primal Elements Grapefruit Bubbling Bath Salts

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Enjoy the spa experience of effervescent fragrance as it gently perfumes the bath water and the air with Primal Elements Effervescent Bubbling Bath Salt. This bubbling blend features mineral-rich salts from the sea and Himalayan pink salt to ease sore muscles and soften the skin, Citric Acid which creates the effervescent effect and helps release the aroma into the air creating an uplifting, aromatic bath and a mild foamer which is derived from coconut oil.


  • An invigorating burst of tart citrus.
  • Mineral rich salts from the sea and Himalayan pink salt to ease sore muscles, reduce tension and soften skin.
  • Unique formula features an effervescent effect to fragrance the tub and environment.
  • Coconut oil derived foamer is formulated for mildness.
  • Completely portable with a handy zip top pouch.
  • 12 oz. (340g). Made in the USA.