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Aching Head Rub

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Aching Head Rub is an analgesic salve for headaches, neck and muscle pain. In addition to providing cooling relief with menthol, the essential oils of lavender and marjoram are specific remedies for all types of headaches and stress. 1/2 oz Tin - Perfect to keep with you.

A strongly aromatic salve for serious headache pain. Provides instant relief whenever and wherever you need it. Rub on temples, neck, forehead & any other place that eases your pain. Mood-elevating and pain-attacking essential oils are driven deep into the tissues, to truly soothe your aching head! Salve is very strong, so keep away from sensitive skin & eyes. Contains organic sesame oil, organic ginger, castor oil, olive oil, beeswax, pure essential oils of marjoram, lavender, camphor & others.