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Orange Delight Brown Sugar Scrub

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Indulge your skin in an exhilarating skin softening experience with this delightful orange sugar scrub. The exfoliating brown sugar crystals work gently to remove old skin and reveal a clean, fresh, and youthful glow. The pure cane sugar in this brown sugar body scrub is tough enough to renew your skin while feeling extremely soft and gentle due to the fine, even grain. Once you exfoliate with sugar, you’ll never go back to a rougher skin scrub. The Sweet Orange essential oil has an uplifting and cheerful effect. The scent of crisp citrus will make you feel energized and ready to face the day. Enjoy this wonderful combination to regenerate your skin and invigorate your mind. Made only with safe ingredients you can actually pronounce in Bozeman, Montana, this natural sugar scrub is a perfect addition to any beauty regimen. Let your flawless skin and beauty shine today!